Hope House volunteer training

About 30 We are Durban volunteers joined us on Saturday 28th September for very special day with 6 very special children at the Baby Hope House in Pinetown. Sonia & Lynne, who are very close friends, have shared a dream to have a children’s’ home for about 15 years and finally managed to start it up in 2007.

They gave us a tour of the house and then we split into three teams to learn about various aspects of a baby home. The one topic covered baby care: how to feed, burp and change nappies, the other topic was about the home, the children, the social workers and their success stories, and the third topic was covered by a Canadian couple who were in SA adopting their child and they discussed the in’s and out’s of adoption in SA.

It was an exciting but equally sad morning realizing how desperate and vulnerable so many children in our country are. The volunteers were encouraged to come back and commit some time to loving the children, assisting with bathing, feeding, nappy changing etc. They rely hugely on volunteers to be the extra set of hands on a daily basis and on help from their volunteers to raise funds for their home.

If you would like to get involved with a home, please feel free to get in touch with us.