Jungle Gym Assembly for Ukukhanya Creche

We are Durban was recently donated a Jungle Gym by Embury College in Windermere, and we were able to pass this on to the Key of Hope Non-Profit Organisation. Key of Hope nominated the Ukukhanya Crèche in Newlands East as the recipient. We arranged for the disassembled Jungle Gym to be transported to the crèche, with a team of amazing volunteers to carry out the assembly on Saturday, 24th of October.

Jungle Gym - Before

On arrival in Newlands East we were confronted with what could be called, at best, a Jumble Gym and at worst, a pile of fire wood!

Although we had an idea of what the finished product should look like, we soon discovered that a few key structural components were missing, which made building the gym to its original design impossible.  Our team of volunteers took the decision to build the Jungle Gym using our collective imaginations – never say die! The ground was as tough as nails, resulting in one new pick handle being broken in two.

Testing of the new gym

After much blood sweat and tears, the holes were dug and we commenced with the building of a Jungle Gym with no clear picture of the end result in mind. However, everyone participated with great enthusiasm and the Jungle Gym soon started to take shape.

About six hours later the gym was completed and we invited the local children, who had been watching the building process with a keen interest, to try it out.  The children ran to the gym squealing in delight – it was a very heart warming moment for all the volunteers.  Needless to say, the kids (and our volunteers) spent a good while enjoying the fun gym that they had made!

Thank you so much to Embury College for this donation, and to our team of PHENOMENAL volunteers who gave up their Saturday to give the kids a fun place to play every day – you guys are amazing!

The A Team!