67 Market

What a glorious day.  The weather was good.  The music was perfect.  The food was tasty. The sales were fantastic!  Thank you Durban for spending your 67 Minutes with us.  Through our Market we raised R16,639.76 (after expenses)! The money is going to go towards buying the building. The building will shortly be going on the market and we are wanting it for ourselves.  Having a home base that is ours will allow us to ensure that the work we do to uplift the NPO’s in eThekwini is sustainable in the long run.

A big thank you to everyone who donated goods, or cakes for us to sell.  Thank you to our Muso’s (Rene Tshiakanyi, Chloe Clark and James Jearey) who volunteered their time and talent to the day and did a great job of setting the scene for the day.  Illovo was super, they lent us their gazeboes  and spent the day making pancakes and crumpets and then donated all proceeds to us.  Thank you for your generosity! We were thrilled that “Eat your home”, “Home Slice” and “LegenDairy” could be present on the day, you certainly enhanced people’s experience of the market. Thank you.

Thank you to the volunteers who spent more than their 67 minutes helping out before and on the day.  And thank you Durbanites for spending more than your 67 Rand to help us make Durban all it was meant it be!