About Us


We are Durban was born out of the desire to make a real change in Durban. The need appears so large and there appears to be so many Organisations doing “good work” and some struggling due to a lack of structure, poor management or volunteers. We wanted to get involved with what we already had – access to people who want to help. We do not wish to recreate someone else’s organization but rather uniting our efforts to assist in every way we can to make their vision happen and stimulate their success in Durban.

Imagine Durban without people living on the streets, struggling to find food or shelter. Imagine Durban where all are employed and have a sense of purpose in their lives. A city with very little crime. A city that is renowned in Africa and the world for embracing diversity and the marginalised and bringing about sustainable change. This is the Durban we see possible, This is the potential we see in Durban. This is why WE ARE DURBAN.

To provide volunteers to other social justice related Organisations in Durban to bring about sustainable upliftment to those in great need.
To raise funds, both locally and internationally, and to allocate these funds to support a range of activities of a humanitarian nature aimed at improving the lives of the poor, sick and / or ‘lost’ communities primarily in Durban, South Africa.
To provide a legal structure through which funds can be sourced and channelled to fund the activities.

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