Heritage Day Potjie Kos Competition 2014

For Heritage Day this year we couldn’t think of a better time to hold our annual Potjie Kos Competition and so we sent out invitations for people to put together a team, buy the ingredients and join us for a cultural experience in the valley of Bothas Hill.

Fifteen teams joined us for the morning, bringing the total number of participants to almost 100 people. The atmosphere was electric and there was loads of socializing while sussing out the opposition potjies. The weather seemed a little overcast to begin with but it ended up being a scorcher of a day and this added to the fun.

Russell Chill from the venue The White House gave a brief introduction to the organisation and the work that they do there. The venue was originally only a community centre but due to the needs in the area they now have brought in wheel chairs, hospital beds and carers and have transformed it into a care centre for the elderly and abandoned.  With the food from the 15 teams we were able to bless 100 of the local community with a delicious meal as well as a product hamper each from Unilever.

We were given some lovely prizes from Bevurn Marketing and Brand X promotional clothing and so the competition was rife, but in the end it was a tie between Glee Projects and the Potjie Master Chefs.

Well done to all the teams for such a great effort and for all your enthusiasm throughout the day, we hope to see you all again next year to see who the Potjie Competition winners for 2015 will be!