Happy 10th Birthday to us!

Yes, believe it or not, We are Durban is officially 10 this year! Unofficially we are 11, we decided we would count it from the official dates! In 2010 we hired our first employee but 2011 was the year we registered our name, domain and company with CIPC.

It has been a privilege to serve the city of Durban and our 240 different partner organisations. We have tackled massive and small projects, had encouraging, challenging and some downright hard conversations. We have been accepted and loved, and hated and rejected; all this comes with the territory.  We have walked closely with some, and others have just touched base every now and then (depending on their desire or need).  It has been a phenomenal journey and one that is nowhere near reaching its peak. There is still so much to do.

Durban, it has been an honour to be a part of your story. You truly are a caring city, a caring people. Thank you for being the “We” in We are Durban and being part of the hand that reaches out to those who need it. Let us find new ways to engage with the desperation around us and make the next ten years even more transformative!

To celebrate our 10 years we are challenging all our volunteers to 10 actions of change this year. We are going to offer an engagement a month from February to November where you can get involved in an action that touches different organisations across Durban. All organisations have been picked from our partners, and we have tried to vary the type of organisation, beneficiary, volunteer experience and location as much as possible. Numbers will be limited on these days and we will maintain any COVID regulation that is required at the time. Watch out on our social media pages, webpage and newsletter for the announcements of the events, and sign up quickly. Due to limited spaces available, please do not sign up and not show up without giving us warning, so we can fill your slot with someone from the waiting list – as we will be relying on you being there!

Here is to a 2021 that will be great, it will be different, it will be challenging, but we will make an impact that is positive, that brings joy, that makes memories and transforms our City in a good way. We look forward to working together soon. 

Let us make Durban all it was meant to be, together!