Fulton Matric Dance Preparation

It all started when a Durban company was Nek nominated and asked for our help with some suggested projects.  One that really touched our hearts was for the Matrics of Fulton School for the deaf.   These are really special children that have struggled to overcome a challenge that most of us couldn’t dream of.  Most of us have fond memories of our Matric dance.  We remember all the preparations we went through and the excitement, but for some of the kids, the dress, shoes, and jewelry were a challenge as they did not know where the answer would come from.

The company chose not to use the suggestion so We are Durban took on the challenge, gathering formal dresses, purchasing shoes and jewelry to fit out the girls beautifully.  On Friday, 28 February, we had a fun tea break with the girls where they had a chance to “shop” for whatever they needed to have a magical night at their dance.  Their dance is later in March and we look forward to supplying a makeup artist to finish off the experience of being special, inside and out.

Thank you to all you ladies in Durban who gave your special dresses for the project.