ID book day

Probably our most challenging event yet – but the results were fantastic!

On Friday, 24 January 2014, we set out to help 150 homeless people through the process of receiving their South African ID books. We had been approached by a feeding scheme in Durban called the Healing and Restoration centre to help them with 100 ID books.  Last year a group of 30 cyclists rode the Amashova cycle classic to raise the funds for this project.  We decided to offer another 50 slots to another feeding scheme to help their people.

iTrump kindly offered their venue, and Home Affairs agreed to send their people. Craig Mannheim from Unprecedented Photography was our photographer on the day.  We had about 30 volunteers come in to assist on the day – which was essential for the programme to happen. Thank you to all of you for being so incredible!

Besides doing the ID books of those who attended the day, we wanted to create a day that would make a new beginning in the lives of the people attending the event.  So we arranged showers, new clothes, toiletries, a shave and haircut for the men and a touch of makeup for the ladies.  All were treated to a hot lunch donated by Catering@Ridgeside.  The difference in the people was remarkable.  They arrived looking like your typical street person and left looking like beautiful citizens of our lovely country.

We were sadly not able to assist every person who came as their ID numbers had to be submitted prior to the day so that they could be put through the Home Affairs computer system to ensure they were correct. 104 names were submitted to us, but many of those did not know their ID numbers. Over 60 people were processed.  A follow up day will be set up to fingerprint those who did not know their ID numbers so that their ID numbers can be located.  Once they know their numbers we will complete the process of getting them their books.

A big thank you for those of you who stayed longer than intended, you went over and above what you signed up for and tried everything possible to make things happen.  We really appreciate you and your efforts.  You certainly made a difference in the lives of those attended the day.

They say that the greater the challenge is to accomplish something the greater the reward when it is complete.  I think it applies here.

Photos of the day will follow shortly.