Nivea – Burlington CV project

A small team of 6 ladies from Nivea have impacted over 60 families in the Burlington community by simply giving up 4 hours of their time to care! The group met at a community hall inside the Burlington township on Wednesday 11th December with their laptops charged and their enthusiasm evident. They were greeted by about 20 eager females seated and waiting for an opportunity to have their CV’s drawn up by the Nivea team, and then a constant stream of others filtering in for the next few hours.

Ishmael from the Nkosinathi Project (based at the Denis Hurley Centre) in the CBD joined us for the morning and gave the group a quick introduction to the importance of CV’s, the “do’s” and “don’ts” for your CV. He also covered the interview process and the importance of being professional and punctural.  The Nivea team in the meantime were setting up in the front of the hall. When Ishmael was finished it was the Nivea’s time to shine and sat down one-on-one with a community member to write up their personal CV. Each lady sat with 5-10 people throughout the day and then rest of the people were able to manually complete a questionnaire so that their CV can be drawn up for them.

In total 60 people (on the dot) were helped in the end and will each be given 5 copies of their CV next week when we return to the community. On top of this their CV’s are being uploaded onto the eThekwini opportunities database and submitted to the Jump Start programme which could result in work at Mr Price, and Spar locally. So we are holding thumbs that a few people will be recruited through this channel. More importantly though each member will now have a CV that they can take out for their own personal job hunt. This might sound simple but just earlier this year there was a company who had advertised 50 positions in the area but due to no one having CV’s not a single person from Burlington was hired.

With this project we are hoping to give people a fighting chance to succeed and all it took was some ink, paper and a bit of love and patience!