Headway Pre-primary School changes lives

Headway pre-primary school was introduced to Qalakahle ECD centre a couple of months back and decided they could make a difference in the lives of the learners at the crèche facility. Qalakahle ECD centre serves an underprivileged community in Durban. Giving the children a safe space to learn while their mother’s are freed up to try earn a living. Headway have decided that this would be their social give back and they have weekly collections of food, school consumerables and furniture which they drop off at the crèche making the environment in which these children learn so much more nurturing. Well done Headway!

The Big Build – Sept 2011

Well done to everyone who braved the weather to go love a community. We had about 50 people come out. We got a house up just before the rain came down (so Zodwa and Japphat actually get to sleep tonight – their old place leaks so much that when it rains at night they can’t sleep!), 2 veggie gardens sorted out and plenty healings throughout the community.

See some of the images from the Big Build Below:

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