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McCords Hospital Thank you

100 food buckets were donated to McCord’s Hospital, below is part of the thank you letter we received from the Social worker: “The buckets were distributed to the members of the SinikithembaGogo’s Support Group at their 2011 Christmas Party which took place here at McCord Hospital on Friday the 2nd December 2011. The gogo’s were […]

We have it!

A big project has just come through.  We are going to need everyone to pull together to make this dream a reality… For over a year we have been supporting a crèche called Qalakahle ECD Centre.  It is a non-profit organisation that was formed by two dedicated ladies in the Mansell Market area of Durban.  […]

Fun night at Umthombo

Volunteer’s experiences: Mike Van Heerden What an uplifting experience!! From the time we arrived many of the kids seemed more hungry for our attention than for the meal on offer. Some of the kids assisted with the preparation of the meal while one of the kids proudly gave us a guided tour of the facility. […]

The Nest Commune from a volunteer’s perspective

   The first time we were told we were going to be serving dinner at the Nest, I was NERVOUS. When I walked up the stairs, and into the doors, the nervousness intensified! What were these people like, what if they were dirty or try rob us? How nieve!!!  As we served dinner, home cooked […]

Bucket list…

Is Christmas time really the seaon for giving?  Or is that just what we say knowing that the people we give gifts to are likely to give back to us?  Why not give something this festive season that literally changes lives. It is bucket drive time.  Olive Tree Church is selling buckets for R15 with a […]