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Floods 2022 – How can I help?

Yet again, Durban is central to a South African crisis. The NPOs are busy-ing around trying to meet the needs of the community, the general public that is fortunate not to have felt the brunt want to help, companies are asked (yet again) to dig even deeper into their pockets to aid, and the municipality […]

Challenge 10.2 – Homework Club

Reflections on our visit to Amaoti 3 Secondary School on the 13th March 2021 as part of our We are Durban’s Action for Good campaign. Today I participated in extra lessons for matrics (grade 12) in Amaoti.  Firstly, I was blown away that on a Saturday, of their own free will, they chose to come […]

Challenge 10.1 – Feed the Homeless

I left Siphila Ngomusa with mixed emotions.  We had fun, had an impact on hundreds of lives, we witnessed opportunities the people with “no other option” have in Durban.  Yet, so few people joined us to be part of it. We were able to visit a facility in Durban where a homeless lady can be […]

Happy 10th Birthday to us!

Yes, believe it or not, We are Durban is officially 10 this year! Unofficially we are 11, we decided we would count it from the official dates! In 2010 we hired our first employee but 2011 was the year we registered our name, domain and company with CIPC. It has been a privilege to serve […]

Rare Opportunities

The week before lockdown was announced, when there were rumours and nothing concrete, I was dreaming about my lockdown period. I would get back into sourdough bread making. Teach my kids to sew, bake and do various art projects with them I remember from childhood and loved. – or perhaps we would spent the time […]

Homeless Lockdown shelters

Having an active homeless task team in eThekwini has been our Durban’s homeless’ saving grace over this very rough period. At 6am on the morning after the announcement plans started to be formulated between the ask team and the municipality as to how we would cater for lockdown for people who are homeless.  Many strategy […]

Covid19 Response Strategy

We are Durban has been working closely with multiple leaders and organisations in our efforts to help the most vulnerable of our city. A coordinated inter-denominational church response has been established to tackle the Covid-19 Crisis,  convened by the KwaZulu-Natal Christian Council. Meetings are ongoing to establish the best possible outcomes to ensure shelter is […]

Hi there!

Welcome Prudence and Ernest! We are so lucky to have these two amazing people join We are Durban as our 2020 interns. We enjoy the enthusiasm and breath of fresh air they bring to the team. We thought you’d enjoy getting to know them a little better too, so here is some insight into their […]

Engaging in actual help (Gender-based Violence)

In light of the recent marches and focus on gender-based violence here are some practical ways people can engage in a helpful solution. Donate toiletries (soap, facecloth, sanitary pads, toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, body lotion, deodorant) and new panties (in all sizes – child to large adult) to: Name of organisation Brief description Contact details Jess […]