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2019 – The Promise of More

The start of a new year brings with it so many promises.  A clean slate.  The bad of last year gone, a repose over Christmas and now it is time to engage.  I have a sneaky suspicion 2019 is going to be a year of action.  So many stop-starts last year, so many platforms created, […]

Celebrating our Real Heroes

“The world would be a peaceful place if it were ruled by women…Women can actually make society civil…Actually it is very straightforward: let women take over.” Archbishop Desmond Tutu   For the month of August in celebration of Women’s Day, we are doing just that, letting the inspiring women, the real heroes in our community, […]

Everything Counts – NPO Conference, 9 March 2018

On Friday, 9 March, we spent the day speaking about the forbidden subject of financial management in our NPO’s.  We were incredibly blessed to have excellent speakers with thorough knowledge of finance in the NPO sector.  We were able to work together on creating books and experiencing the reality of creating financial reports.  It was […]

Bucket Drive 2017

During November and December an amazing campaign, CITYSERVE, is organised by City Story Durban.  Their goal every year is to unite hundreds of people for a week and give them the chance to bless and be blessed by those who are less fortunate, or those just in need of some extra support.  From the 26th […]

Impact Zone – NPO Conference

“Let’s go surfin’ now…..Everybody’s learning how….Come on and safari with me…” With a surfing themed NPO Conference, how could we not begin this report with lyrics from the iconic Beach Boys! It was perfectly titled “Impact Zone” and lived up to its name in every way.   It was a conference on setting a NPO for […]


As I reached the summit of the umpteenth hill on my afternoon run there was a lady waiting for her lift.  I timed my words with the exhale, as a pant is all I could do at this stage. “Morning”. We looked each other in the eyes.  “morning”, she replied.  A smile clearly in her […]

Amashova 2017

We had a small team of 17 cyclists rode the Amashova Cycle Race, on Sunday 22 October, in our beautiful jerseys to raise funds and awareness for the work we do. This year, the funds they raised, will be used to develop a We are Durban Volunteer App to make volunteering in Durban easily accessible […]

Volunteering: You at your Best

Volunteering: Part 2 With our Volunteer induction having just happened on Monday 2 October, it felt fitting to post another article on volunteering well. In eThekwini we have about 3500 registered NPO’s.  That is not including all the charities that are not registered as they are going on quite nicely without the paperwork.  There is […]

It’s Time to Grow Up

Being a mom of three I have read the same books numerous times, but there is a firm favourite (so much so that I can recite the entire book!). It is called “Cave baby”, by Julia Donaldson.  In it, the cave baby paints on two sets of cave walls; his parent’s and a grey woolly […]